What Kind of Skates Are Good Skates?

Author: XMtongxue

Aug. 10, 2022




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Areyou a roller skate enthusiast? This article (By Dongguan Xuanchen HardwareProducts Co. Limited) shares the components of roller skates and the role ofrelated accessories to give you a more comprehensive understanding of rollerskates and to give you some advice when choosing roller skates.

Thecomponent structure of roller skates.


The liner is in direct contact with the feet, so the material used toselect the liner for the skates is very important. Poor quality skate linerswill become thin and hard over time, affecting the wearing experience.


This is an important part of the skate, generally divided into: hard shell shoesand semi-soft type, in the shoe's upper position, there is a set of fixed anklerole, called the bar buckle, its purpose is to fix the ankle, enhance thestability of the skating process.


Thebottom frame is the structural body that connects the wheels to the shell ofthe shoe. The toughness of the frame system is a major factor in determiningthe life of a skate. The shape of the blade frame varies from play to play.Most of the frames are skeletonised for shape, which is aesthetically pleasingwhile also reducing the weight of the frame.


Wheels must be highly flexible, never plastic. Generally high rebound wheelsare softer and more flexible than plastic wheels. Theyare soft and flexible, while plastic wheels are hard and rigid.


Bearings are metal objects that are placed in the middle of the wheel to helpit rotate.

Skates Frame

What factors determine a good pair of roller skates?

◆Agood inner shell not only has good wrapping and comfort performance, but alsocan provide sweat wicking and breathable performance when doing roller skating.

◆Agood pair of shells has a range of adjustment for the bar buckle that holds theankle in place that must be suitable for you. It is not too big to lookcumbersome, but also stable to hold the ankle in place and enhance the wrappingand comfort of the skates.

◆Choose a flat frame or banana bottom frame reasonably according to your skatingneeds. A flat frame means that during skating, all four wheels of the same sizeare on the ground, while a banana blade frame, which means that in the case ofthe same wheels, only the middle two wheels touch the ground, is mainly used topractice fancy moves.

◆Choosesoft, highly elastic wheels with better grip, not hard plastic wheels.

◆Thebearings of roller skates for novices are generally of low density. Judging thegoodness of the bearings can be reflected in the rotational speed, range andsealing. To judge the goodness of the bearings, you can take the roller skatesand turn the wheels in an empty circle to see how fast or slow the rotationtime and speed are.

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