What is the fashion tape used for?

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Nov. 16, 2023




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Fashion tape, also known as garment or clothing tape, is a versatile and handy accessory in the world of fashion. This double-sided adhesive tape is designed to temporarily adhere fabric to skin or fabric to fabric, providing solutions to various wardrobe malfunctions and styling needs. Here are several common uses for fashion tape:

Securing Necklines and Plunging Necklines:

Fashion tape is often used to secure necklines and prevent them from shifting or revealing too much cleavage. It ensures that low-cut or plunging necklines stay in place, maintaining the desired level of modesty.

Fixing Strapless Dresses and Tops:

Strapless garments can sometimes slip down or shift during movement, leading to wardrobe malfunctions. Fashion tape helps keep strapless dresses and tops securely in position, providing peace of mind and allowing wearers to move freely without constant adjustments.

Preventing Bra Straps from Showing:

To maintain a seamless look, fashion tape can be used to secure bra straps in place, preventing them from peeking out from under clothing. This is especially useful when wearing sleeveless or open-back outfits.

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Securing Hems and Cuffs:

Temporary fixes for hems and cuffs that have come undone can be achieved with fashion tape. It provides a quick solution to keep clothing looking polished and prevents the need for safety pins or sewing on the go.

Closing Shirt Gaps:

Fashion tape is a savior for individuals experiencing gaps between buttons on shirts or blouses. By securing the fabric in between buttons, it helps create a neater appearance and prevents unintentional exposure.

Adjusting Clothing Fit:

When a garment needs a temporary adjustment for a better fit, fashion tape can be used to create a custom fit without the need for alterations. This is particularly useful for clothing that may be slightly too loose or tight in certain areas.

Securing Belts:

Belts that tend to shift or slide around can be anchored in place with Double-Stick fashion tape. This ensures that the belt stays centered and aligned with the outfit's design.

Attaching Accessories:

Fashion tape can be used to attach accessories such as brooches, scarves, or fabric embellishments to clothing. This provides a secure and temporary attachment without causing damage to the garment.

Preventing Slips in Shoes:

In footwear, fashion tape can be applied to the inner sole of shoes to prevent slipping, providing additional grip and stability.

Creating Temporary Fashion Designs:

Some creative individuals use OEM fashion tape to experiment with temporary fashion designs, such as creating unique silhouettes or securing draped fabric in innovative ways.

Fashion tape is a practical and discreet tool that allows individuals to address wardrobe challenges and achieve a polished, put-together look. Its temporary nature makes it a convenient solution for various fashion emergencies, providing flexibility and adaptability in styling.


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