Use the Ball Pit to Entertain and Educate Your Children

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Aug. 11, 2022




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Are you looking for a way to entertain your kids in the summer bathroom? How about bringing a ball pit from your local arcade to your own home? You'll be amazed at how fun a few bags of colorful plastic balls and a bathtub can turn out! Plastic balls for bathtubs are a new option.


What you'll need

A few bags of small plastic balls (available at HONGYING)
A bathtub (to play in)
A small kiddie pool (to play outside)


Use the Ball Pit to Entertain and Educate Your Children


Make your ball pit

Making a ball pit is very easy. Just dump a few bags of colorful balls into your bathtub, set the water temperature, add the kids, and you're ready for a fun-filled afternoon!


Make the most use of your ball pit

There are many ways you can use your ball pit to entertain and educate your children. Here are some fun ideas.


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Color Perception

Teach your child that things can be hidden under other things. This can be a difficult concept for blind children to understand, but by simply "burying" some of their favorite toys in a ball pit, you can encourage them to dig and discover the hidden treasures under the ball.
We have ocean balls in a variety of colors, so you'll be sure to pick your favorite.


Children's Socialization

Is the weather too nice to stay indoors? Why not take the ball pit outside and fill it with balls in a small kiddie pool? If you like to be adventurous, you can even set up a relay area with fun activity spots in your backyard: ball pits, pools, mini trampolines, swings, sandboxes, sprinklers, or any other fun activity you can think of.
Invite others of their age from throughout the community to enjoy a day of summer fun! Your baby will make friends.


Use the Ball Pit to Entertain and Educate Your Children


Ball Bath

Fill the tub with warm water before adding the balls. Now you have a ball bath instead of a bubble bath! As a baby, especially at 10 months old, playing with water is a wonderful sensory experience for them as they feel the warm water, splash, and make bubbles. To make bath time even more fun, you can try mixing toys and objects together, and a bunch of ocean balls is a huge winner!
Give your child a chance to really feel the water, not just sit in the baby tub. This activity is best for babies who sit well alone. Supervise with full attention within reach!


Use the Ball Pit to Entertain and Educate Your Children

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