Tantalum-Tungsten Alloy: The Best Choice for High Strength and Toughness Materials

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Tantalum-Tungsten alloy is a high strength and toughness material with excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature strength. Its main components are Tantalum and Tungsten, and usually contain a small amount of other elements. The melting point of Ta-W alloy is as high as 3030. The tensile strength is as high as 280 MPa, and the yield strength is as high as 195 MPa. This alloy has good weldability and malleability, and can be made into parts and components of various shapes.




Excellent characteristics of Tantalum-Tungsten alloy



High strength: Tantalum-Tungsten alloy has higher strength and stiffness than many other materials, and can withstand the stress in high temperature and high pressure environment.


Corrosion resistance: the corrosion resistance of Tantalum-Tungsten alloy is better than that of pure Tantalum. It has excellent corrosion resistance to most corrosive chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt.


High temperature resistance: Tantalum-Tungsten alloy has a high balance of strength and toughness at high temperature, and can withstand the stress in high temperature environment.


Malleable: Tantalum-Tungsten alloy can be easily forged into various shapes, with high malleability.


 Tantalum-Tungsten Alloy: The Best Choice for High Strength and Toughness Materials



The technological process of Tantalum-Tungsten alloy is as follows: powder metallurgy (powder mixing isostatic pressing vacuum high temperature sintering) electron beam melting hot forging cogging vacuum heat treatment die forging vacuum heat treatment finishing.


This manufacturing process needs strict control to ensure the quality and performance of products.






Application of Tantalum-Tungsten alloy



97.5% Ta-2.5W% W alloy is widely used in chemical industry. Ta2.5W can be used as anti-corrosion components for chemical heat exchange equipment, pipelines and linings, instruments and meters, rare earth smelting crucibles, etc. Adding 2.5% ~ 10% Tungsten to Tantalum increases the strength of the material, and the alloying of Tungsten and Tantalum forms an alternative continuous solid solution, which still maintains the body-centered cubic crystal structure of Tantalum and the machinability of Tantalum.


Tantalum-Tungsten alloy can be used to manufacture high-temperature components in aero-engines, such as exhaust manifolds and turbine blades. In addition, it is also widely used in nuclear reactors and petroleum industry. Its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance make it a good choice for manufacturing high-pressure pipelines and petrochemical equipment. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture high-temperature components in rocket engines and spacecraft, such as nozzles and combustion chambers.



Tantalum-Tungsten Alloy: The Best Choice for High Strength and Toughness Materials





Generally speaking, Tantalum-Tungsten alloy is an alloy with excellent properties. Its high-temperature performance, strength and corrosion resistance make it perform well in many high-temperature and high-pressure environments. But also has malleability, and can be made into various shapes of parts and elements. Its extensive application scenarios include aerospace, nuclear reactor, petrochemical industry, rocket engine and spacecraft manufacturing.


If you are looking for a material with high strength and toughness, Tantalum-Tungsten alloy may be your best choice!


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