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Aug. 11, 2022




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As a masonry scaffolding manufacturer, this article provides a detailed introduction to masonry scaffolding in terms of definition, features, dimensions, functions, etc.
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Definition of mason scaffolding

Masonry scaffold or bricklayer scaffolding are common industry terms that refer to our popular Frame and Brace scaffolding.

Features of mason scaffolding :

Blue powder coated texture for weather resistance and durability

Ladder rungs allow workers to safely climb the scaffold

Safer stacking frames use up to 30% less stacking space for storage

Size of mason scaffolding :

5 ft. wide x 6 ft. 4 in. high x 7 ft. long mason frame scaffolding

Weight: 119 lbs.

Frame Legs: 1.69 in. OD (1-11/16 in.)

Lock span: 4 feet (48")

Finish: Blue powder coat


5'W x 6'4 "T Mason Scaffold Frame

Tubular Cross Brace

Connecting Pins (1-7/16")

Spring clips

Applications of mason scaffolding :

Exterior mason frame scaffolding is designed for safety when working on home improvement or commercial projects. The frame is designed to hold up to 4,900 pounds and withstand harsh job site conditions. Its blue powder textured finish is weather resistant and leveling to reduce work hazards. Combined with cross bracing and other safety components, the frames are suitable for holding platforms securely in place, forming scaffolding sections that can be mounted on casters or leveling jacks. These scaffolding sections are ideal for painting, masonry, facade work, etc.
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